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SGO Token

SafuuGO Native Token

SGO (SafuuGO - as in Let's GO!)

Is a BEP20, low transaction tax (1.5%), rebasing token that comes with it's own:
  • Built-in Liquidity Management Platform that
  • Manages the supply and price of SGO in any of its Liquidity Pools (LPs).
  • Provides potential opportunities to traders and holders among all of the SGO LPs and SGO Partner LPs.
To take advantage of all these deals, traders will be trading with...SGO! Giving SGO "out-of-the-gate" utility right on day one.

SGO Contract Address:



Ticker: SGO
Total Supply: 50,000 Tokens
Rarity: Rarer than hens teeth


$SGO/$BNB - Buy 1.5% / Sell 1.5%
$SGO/$SAFUU - Buy 1.5% / Sell 1.5%
$SGO/$EXAMPLE - Buy 1.5% / Sell 1.5% (SafuuGo Partnered Projects)


0.6% - Autonomous Insurance Fund (AIF)
0.9% - SafuuGo Treasury (SGT)
0.1% - Race Pods (RACE)
To incentivize arbitrage opportunities for traders, we have implemented a reduced fee structure above. You now have full LIBERTY to choose your own strategy into how you wish to play the FREE MARKET. These arbitrage dynamics will allow FORTUITY for everyone to secure EASY GAINS through utilization through all LP instruments.
This opens the door to BE REWARDED and further encourages constant trading volume through multiple ways of EARNING POTENTIAL.
Ultra low fees for all paired Liquidity Pools (LP) that will allow FREEDOM to trade with ease. All LP's have the exact same fee when traded including any and all partnered projects.