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Global Arbitrage

Earning Pathways through Global Arbitrage.

SGO Empowers Unlimited LP's

SGO is NOT just limited to only 2 LPs. SGO has the ability to add more LPs from project partners that pair the power of SGO and our DRIVE AI with other 3rd party crypto tokens. This extensibility offers many benefits since it can grow the SGO platform with new LP arbitrage opportunities for SGO traders as well as provide new revenue streams which are not reliant on SGO price appreciation alone.

SafuuGO is an extensible LP management and services platform

SGO Pair Partnerships allow for more arbitrage opportunities, additional revenue streams to the protocol all while bringing trade volume, price action and token exposure to pair partners.


⭐️ Utility: By adding other partner tokens, SGO is exposed to more communities beyond Safuu. - For example, DRIP is a Launch Partner and supporters of DRIP can now directly participate in the SGO ecosystem using tokens that they already own... 💥boom!💥 SGO just added new utility to our partner tokens!
⭐️ Trading Volume: Partner tokens who already have a BNB Pairing on PancakeSwap could also see an increase in their trading volume as holders arbitrage between the SGO/token pool and their own BNB/Token pool. SGO trade momentum could bring more volume!
⭐️ SGO Holder Opportunities: As the SGO arbitrage trading family grows, so do potential yield opportunities. Holders may even have a new avenue to either swap to buy their favorite token cheaper, or have a new place to sell their token and get a good price on SGO.