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What is SafuuGO?

What is SafuuGO?

Elevator Pitch

SafuuGO is an ultra advanced AI driven BEP20 token platform with integrated, upgradable, interoperable, multi-liquidity pool management and buyback & burn systems operating through integration of our own proprietary Navigational Artificial Intelligence Layer (NAIL). SafuuGO utilizes its native token (SGO) which tips the LP balance in your favor with DRIVE”... the next generation Multi-LP Direct Reactive Integrated Vaporization Engine utilizing vaporization for core stability and inbuilt AI Safety Systems targeting sustainability, price appreciation and ecosystem expansion as the primary core objectives.
SafuuGO is a next generation AI protocol that is built to be future proof and support more efficient value growth whilst generating multiple revenue streams on top of token fee revenue by rewarding SGO token holders through fundamental rebasing initiatives, managed by our proprietary Hybrid Automated Rebase System (HARS).
SafuuGO captures multiple revenue streams to provide “real world” utility which include; Token Pair Partnership Subscriptions under SafuuGO’s Partnership Program (SPP), proprietary AI Crypto LP Management Data Licensing, proprietary AI Tech Stack Licensing, proprietary AI Training Data Licensing, as well as token voting to request AI behavioral changes.

How can "just a token" do this?

SafuuGO's built-in liquidity management platform is enabled by our revolutionary DRIVE (Direct Reactive Integrated Vaporization Engine)
DRIVE can...
  • Automatically vaporize SGO directly from each SGO LP supply to lend a level of price support based on market conditions.
  • DRIVE can manage all SGO LPs and provide independently tuned price support through supply vaporization for each SGO LP.
  • DRIVE also has Cruise Control for near future price management.

How can DRIVE manage all of these SGO LPs independently?

DRIVE is...

Hybrid Automated Rebase System (HARS)

What would an ecosystem be without rebasing and the option for passive income!
  • A scheduled decrease in APY over four years
  • Until the fifth year where rebases stop activating the rebase, deflationary phase of SGO (as if constant vaporization of the total supply over the previous 4 years wasn't deflationary enough!)

Did someone say BONUS?

SGO also has...
  • A built-in transaction bonus system to pay out to lucky traders with
  • 10, 50, or even 100 SGO from one of its three RACE Pods (Random Award Controlled Earnings).
  • Each pod is funded by 0.1% of all SGO transactions.
  • Once a pod accumulates enough SGO, that POD is ready to payoff to one lucky trader who transacts with at least the minimal amount of SGO

A token with an actual Business Model? WTF?

SGO was built with "Real World" business sensibilities to have revenue streams that extend beyond just token taxes and price appreciation.
Click here to find out how these revenue streams will be used to benefit SGO holders and grow the protocol.
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