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Cruise Control

Price Goal Target System

What is Cruise Control?

While DRIVE primarily manages SGO LP pools based on current market conditions and price action, DRIVE can also be programmed to reach reasonable price targets in the near future. The length of time to reach the price target goal is based on a combination of the TWAP period and trading volume.
Cruise Control allows DRIVE will make the necessary calculations and then vaporize the correct amount of SGO in order for the SGO market price to match the price target based on the TWAP period. As the price target is reached, cruise control will automatically hand over control back to the market driven TWAP.
Cruise control can be independently set differently for each SGO pool - leading to new and exciting triangle arbitrage and even global arbitrage opportunities.
SafuuGO Pair Partners who choose the Emerald tier and above will have access to Cruise Control for their own SGO liquidity pool.
As the NAIL system advances to the later phases, Cruise Control will be managed more and more by NAIL along with input from Emerald and Diamond pair partner tiers.