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Pair Blacklist

Pair Blacklist Safety Feature

SGO pairs are our primary business model's revenue source

SafuuGO's business model includes setup fees and monthly subscriptions from our SafuuGO Partnership Program as revenue streams which are used to:
Each and every revenue stream is to the benefit of the SGO protocol and its holders.

Unauthorized SGO Pairs are stopped in their tracks

If someone or some project were to make an unauthorized SGO pair on PancakeSwap, this is considered depriving SGO and its holders of rightful revenue.

How can unauthorized SGO pairs be stopped?

Swap pairs are contracts, so to protect SGO and its holders; a "contracts only" blacklist is built into the SGO protocol, (normal wallets cannot ever be blacklisted).
When an unauthorized pair is detected, that swap contract will be placed on the contracts only blacklist and from that point on all SGO token transfers for that swap pair will revert - preventing any trading and returning funds back in those reverted transactions.

How is this technically possible?

PancakeSwap and all Uniswap V2 based DEXs swap contract will call the TransferFrom function of the token contract to make the actual transfer of the token. SGO monitors this call and checks the address against it's blacklist. Any match, and SGO instantly reverts the transaction. There is no escape.

Can unauthorized pairs appeal?

Yes, they can contact the SafuuGO team, officially join the SafuuGo Pair Partnership program, choose a tier level and make the required payments. After which, their pair contract will be removed from the "contracts only" blacklist and be approved for market trading.