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Navigational Artificial Intelligence Layer

Navigational Artificial Intelligence Layer (NAIL)

What is NAIL?

Our proprietary Navigational Artificial Intelligence Layer sits at the very epicenter of SafuuGO's core AI backbone which acts just like the human brain. It is a "pattern recognition engine" which looks for patterns in everything in order to predict outcomes.
To recognize patterns, you need to train that recognition through seeing lots of examples. The level of AI is dependent on how many examples you can provide to train the AI. SafuuGO will follow a set of 4 phases:

Phase II - Rules Based

This is the AI that will launch with SGO and is embedded in the smart contract. A rules-based AI is "hand coded" for a particular use case and purpose. It doesn't require as much data since it is hand coded with "rules" that will determine its decision process and behavior. Phase I will use real time market data and the Time Weighted Average Price (TWAP) to manage SGO supplies in each pool independently. Cruise Control is a system to direct the TWAP to new pricing levels.

Phase III - Adaptable Expert System

Phase II will employ Random Forest Decision Tree technology for this upgraded AI phase. Decision trees are a human understandable AI system - it is easy to see how this AI system reaches conclusions. Decisions are broken down based on decision points (or parameters). A decision is binary - either yes or no. What allows this system to learn and be adaptable is the fact that yes/no is not always 50/50. As the systems makes decisions, it can readjust the "weight" of each branch to favor more of a yes or more of a no. The training data required to train this AI is significantly more than for Phase I, but it is achievable.

Phase IV - Generative, Pre-trained (GPT4 level)

This is the "Cadillac" of AI's -the latest technology that has taken the world by storm. Once we have enough data, we can pre-train this level of AI to handle SGO. The key to having a successful Generative AI is having lots of data. The data we need to drive this AI does not exist - because we are the pioneers in this field so we have to come up with our own data for managing multiple crypto assets pools. We will acquire and accumulate this data starting from launch and throughout Phases I and Phases II.

Phase V - The All Knowing Oracle Brain

The base SGO smart contract was built to have an upgradable brain. The SGO architecture is built to interface with a new kind of oracle technology - light weight and built into dApps. Later, this will allow the Oracle AI to be hosted in many different servers - becoming more decentralized.