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Circuit Breaker

Circuit Breaker Safety Feature

The "bot layer" of crypto is an arena

Blockchains are arenas where code written by hackers compete against one another in a "winner takes all" game awarded with a significant financial "pot o' gold".
You may never know when your protocol might become a nice target and "pet project" for a hacker looking for some protocol to exploit.
While SafuuGO has spent half of its development in tests for performance and vulnerability detection, there may always be someone else capable of better "kung fu".
For those high level hacker gods, or for "Force Majeure" events like last year's Cloudflare outage that basically rugged DeFi and broke the illusion of crypto being "decentralized", SGO has built-in a "circuit breaker".

What is a Circuit Breaker?

In cases of an external attack or breakdown of the crypto world as we know it, a Circuit Breaker can be enabled that will:
  • Stop all SGO trade and reverts all transactions at the time the circuit breaker is “tripped”.
  • Allow time for the team to investigate the issue and quickly develop a mitigation plan.
  • Immediately prevent any further loss.
  • Be reset after an “all clear” status has been issued by the team, at which point, all trading can continue once again.