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Business Model

SafuuGO Business Model

Platform Revenue Stream

SGO is more than a token, it is a platform - and with all platforms, it is built with multiple revenue generation opportunities in mind.

Revenue Streams

SGO's path of AI will produce the following revenue streams for the protocol:
  • Trading Fee Revenue.
  • SafuuGO Partnership Program.
  • AI training data to drive crypto trading protocols (We can license our AI data to other businesses once we hit Phase IV).
  • AI System Licensing (We can license the AI tech once we hit Phase IV).
NOTE: Because of the arbitrage nature of this protocol in managing multiple pools, Liquidity Providers can perhaps make more money in just providing liquidity to get passive income fees.

Revenue will be used to

  • Boost SIF Buy Back and Vaporize.
  • Fund and Build out the full SGO phase roadmap.
  • Ecosystem Expansion.
  • Marketing and Advertising Initiatives.
  • Expand the team to achieve cross-chain coverage.