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Anti-Bot GAS Limits

Anti-Bot GAS Limits Safety Feature

What are FRONT RUNNER bots?

These are bots that look for high value pending swap transactions (from the blockchain mempool), then they will pay a lot of gas to effectively "cut in line" ahead of the high value pending swap transaction (the victim) to buy the token at a lower price which then raises the token price for all the unfortunate people whose transactions get processed after this attack.
Depending upon how high "the victim" set their slip percent (the amount you are willing to NOT receive from the total owed), the victim could be stuck paying significantly too much for getting less tokens in their swap...which is essentially a loss.

How can this be prevented?

What SGO can do is to make the situation potentially less profitable for a front runner bot by placing a gas limit on transactions.

What's a "Gas Limit"?

Any transactions that enter too much gas, will revert allowing the low gas limit transactions to complete without a front runner attack jacking up the price.

SGO dashboard is your friend

The SGO dApp dashboard will allow all SGO holders to see the current gas limit so they can set their gas under this limit.
While bots may try to read the gas limit from the SGO contract, it may find that the gas limit is too low for a profitable snipe and move on to something better.


Gas Limits will be set manually in Phase I, but as NAIL AI phases progress, it will be managing this more automatically. The AI will try to "think" as a front runner for profitability and set an appropriate gas limit to severely cut into that profitability.
SGO is the first protocol ever to offer this advanced safety feature in an effort to protect its holders.

SGO Launch Day

Due to the forecasted high demand on launch day, the Gas Limit feature will be deactivated for the first 24 hours...otherwise a lot of hungry SGO buyers who, "didn't get the memo" may be frustrated with reverted transactions...
Gas limits will be activated after the first 24 hours has lapsed and once the holder community gets into the habit of looking at the gas limit before making a swap...