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Randomized Award Controlled Earnings

Randomized Award Controlled Earnings

What is RACE?

Introducing the Randomized Award Controlled Earnings system.
RACE is a fully autonomous reward system which awards $SGO to users of the SafuuGO ecosystem in an aim to incentivize global volume generation through arbitrage trading.

How does RACE work?

Awards are paid out completely randomly to lucky users who take part in trading at least $1 worth of SGO from ANY $SGO Liquidity Pairs. (Including any partnership pairs)
0.1% from the total buy/sell fee goes towards feeding the RACE PODS.

What are RACE PODS?

A POD is a type of jackpot pool which self accumulates through collected market trading fees.
There are 3 PODS which represent the RACE system:
MINI: Will get 33% of RACE Fees and pays off once the POD accumulates 2.5 $SGO
MAXI: Will get 33% of RACE Fees and pays off once the POD accumulates 5 $SGO
MEGA: Will get 34% of RACE Fees and pays off once the POD accumulates 10 $SGO

Payout Qualifications

To potentially win an immediate payout, your SGO transaction must be at least:
  1. 1.
    ✅ $1 (USD) minimum to be eligible for the MINI Pod 🎁
  2. 2.
    ✅ ✅ $5 (USD) minimum to be eligible for the MAXI Pod 🎁🎁
  3. 3.
    ✅✅✅ $10 (USD) minimum to be eligible for the MEGA Pod 🎁🎁🎁

How to Win?

Once a POD is filled to the top, the protocol will randomly decide if it will award the current qualified transaction. If it decides not to award, then the protocol will choose a future block to make another award decision (it could be the next block or up to 255 blocks later). The protocol will keep doing this until the award is paid out, then the pod will reset and accumulate again until it fills up for a new payout!
If you have the winning qualified transaction, your $SGO award is automatically added to your winning transaction amount (you will see more SGO coming to you in your transaction) that goes to the wallet at a randomized block on the blockchain. Once the POD pays out the award, it is reset until the accumulation total is again met.

How to Improve Your Chances?

  • The more trading volume, the quicker and more often the POD's hit their jackpot total.
  • SGO Website/DApp will show the current POD holdings so you can "Time" your transactions for a potential win!
  • While the minimum qualification is at least a $1 (USD) value transaction, keep an eye for when the bigger PODS are ready to pay out and make sure your transaction is enough to qualify.
  • If the "stars align" and all the pods are ready to payout, you could even be lucky enough to WIN ALL THREE!